Internal HR communication plan

Internal communication: The key to a successful HR program

Do you need to launch a new plan or modify one of your current programs? Don’t wait! Set up an internal communication plan. A sound communication plan will be the determining factor in how your employees react to, understand and perceive these changes.

A number of plans and programs warrant their own communication plan:

  • Employee benefit plans (group benefits, pension and savings plans)
  • Compensation programs (salary, bonuses, share purchase plans)
  • Wellness programs (vacations, teleworking, flexible schedules)
  • And many others!

Changes may be met with resistance and new features may go unnoticed if not supported by an appropriate communication plan. Be prepared!

Communicating new information

Our experts can help you draw up a communication plan adapted to your issues and target audience. This promotional and informative approach will reassure your employees.

Our strength lies in the development of tools to help employees grasp the often-complex details of related to changes and new developments. Make your plans shine using attractive and eye-catching tools:

  • Overview
  • Promotional or informative video
  • Electronic brochure
  • Electronic presentation

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