Prescription drug cost control

Managing prescription drug insurance costs: A necessary evil

With increasing usage of prescription drugs and expensive new products constantly arriving on the market, the burden of drug insurance costs is growing. In the coming years, spending on drugs is expected to rise faster than inflation.

Adopt simple and effective measures to mitigate this growing expenditure.

Assess risks related to drug insurance

Keep costs down with a better understanding of your risks. Our proven three-pronged approach will provide you with a clearer picture:

  1. plan design and management
  2. communication
  3. prevention

You’ll see results in the short term through a change in insured members’ behaviour, as well as in the long term thanks to lifestyle changes. Maximize your organization’s financial efficiency thanks to our drug insurance experts’ innovative solutions:

  • Reduce the frequency or average cost of prescription drugs
  • Ensure better follow-up of high-cost claimants
  • Minimize the impact of chronic illness on your plan

Regardless of your specific challenges, our team will adapt its strategy to create solutions that meet your reality.


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