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Attracting and retaining talent: The importance of data

The war for talent is over and the talents have won. Under these circumstances, how can you offer distinctive total rewards and beat the labour shortage? Take action by avoiding frequent pitfalls.

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Salary increases and labour shortage: Salary increase budgets on the rise in Canada

At the end of the year 2021, 285 organizations across Canada took part in the Salary Increase Flash Survey launched by Normandin Beaudry.

This survey aimed to better estimate the salary increase budgets planned by organizations to deal with the backdrop of high inflation, the “Great Resignation” and the labour shortage.

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Municipal sector pension plans: Is your funding strategy optimal?

It has been six years since the MSPP Act was adopted for municipal sector pension plans. Section 1 of the Act states that the legislation aims to improve the financial health of pension plans and ensure their sustainability, notably by introducing cost sharing and stabilization mechanisms that allow various funding strategies to be considered. How about now? Are these strategies optimally applied?

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Attracting talent and driving performance: Fuelling our passion for 25 years

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Compensating your sales force: When paying pays off

Prescription drugs, the indomitable expense?

Client proximity: Staying in tune with their needs

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Total rewards: Working together to innovate

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