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Impact of COVID-19 on mortality rates and ramifications for group benefits plans

We’ve all witnessed the devastating effects of COVID-19 on our everyday life and on our loved ones. The virus has unfortunately taken the lives of too many people. What impact will this have on the mortality of Canadians and how will this uptick in deaths affect group benefits plans offered to workers and retirees?

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Update of the 2021 salary forecasts

In summer 2020, Normandin Beaudry’s salary increase survey revealed the highest level of uncertainty by our survey in the last ten years.

In November 2020, Normandin Beaudry conducted a supplemental survey to specify salary intentions for 2021. This edition takes a more in-depth look at bonuses paid based on data from 300 organizations across Canada.

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Municipalities’ financial statements – Decision on Bill 15

This publication is of particular interest to people taking part in the preparation of municipalities’ financial statements.

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