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Good governance and pension plans: Takeaways from the pandemic

COVID-19 forced pension plan administrators to swiftly change their ways of doing things. From communications to financial analysis, pension plans have evolved and adapted. Now, more than two years later, the return to a “new normal” does not have to mean going back to our old ways. In light of the lessons learned from the pandemic, we must now decide which path to pursue. Here are some best practices for pension plan administrators to keep in mind.





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A perfect storm: compensation outlook for 2023

HR Reporter - 27 September 2022

Are leaders suffering from 'productivity paranoia'?

HR Reporter - 26 September 2022

Canadians map out 'historically higher' salary budgets

Human Resources Director - 20 September 2022

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Record-high salary increase budgets for 2023

More than 750 organizations across Canada, employing nearly 1.8 million workers, took part in the 12th edition of Normandin Beaudry’s Salary Increase Survey. Discover the results!

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Municipal sector pension plans: Is your funding strategy optimal?

It has been six years since the MSPP Act was adopted for municipal sector pension plans. Section 1 of the Act states that the legislation aims to improve the financial health of pension plans and ensure their sustainability, notably by introducing cost sharing and stabilization mechanisms that allow various funding strategies to be considered. How about now? Are these strategies optimally applied?

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