Insurer selection and negociation

Compare insurance companies: It's a must!

Knowing where you stand is vital, whether that means you can rest easy or need to get your organization into gear. Many insurance providers on the market offer a range of different solutions. Comparing coverage will allow you to find the partner you need, especially if:

  • You are anticipating renewal will be more difficult this year
  • You are unsure of the reimbursements made by your insurer
  • You are not completely satisfied with the services rendered
  • You are considering a request for proposals

Our experts will make sure you find an insurer able to meet your needs, provide access to cutting-edge technology tools and ensure sound management of claims.

The art of insurance negotiation

If you are in the process of renewing your policy with your insurer or launching a request for proposals, let our talented negotiators pave the way to better conditions. Negociating is worth the effort:

  • Competitive rates and financial arrangements
  • Resources dedicated to your organization with the insurer
  • Access to custom tools for easy administration
  • Innovative solutions for managing drug and disability costs

Count on our expertise: we work with a varied clientele and maintain national databases. With full knowledge of current trends, we’ll find solutions customized to your needs.


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