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Compliance with pay equity requirements

Pay equity: Meet your obligations

Meeting the requirements set out in the Pay Equity Act can be difficult and confusing.

You need to be careful: non-compliance can have serious financial consequences and can damage your company’s reputation. Ensure you’re meeting the legal pay equity requirements: contact our experts and we’ll guide you in establishing exemplary procedures and ensuring the related documentation over time.

Your employer report on pay equity

Implement your pay equity strategy worry-free with the help of our team. Structure your compensation practices while ensuring that they protect your employees from any gender discrimination.

You’ll receive recommendations at each step of the process, which includes:

  • Identifying job classes and gender predominance
  • Evaluating job classes and estimating wage gaps
  • Posting the results
  • Publishing your annual employer report on pay equity (DEMES)
  • Periodic checks to ensure compliance

Cutting-edge tools developed by our experts can help you meet your obligations.


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