Sales compensation program

Sales compensation: Give your representatives the boost they need

Sales are the driving force behind every organization’s success. That said, encouraging your sales team to get engaged and achieve better results isn’t easy.

In an ever-changing industry, there are huge challenges to overcome:

  • E-commerce and social media development
  • Better-informed clients
  • The growing importance of customer service
  • Increased regulations and governance

How can compensation be used as a driver of motivation? You should start by paying representatives adequately, based on market rates. Compensation should generate desirable attitudes and encourage employees to reach for new heights.

Salary, commission-based plan and bonuses: Diversify!

While conventional compensation approaches are here to stay, switching things up is a trend worth trying. Get your sales team engaged with a commission-based plan customized to the role of each representative.

A competitive program consistent with your organization’s objectives can boost performance and get results.

From the diagnostic stage to design, including implementation of sound administrative guidelines, our experts can make recommendations to meet your needs.


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