Health program performance measurement

Measure your health program’s performance

When it comes to evaluating your health program’s performance, you may want to compare your results with others on the market.

  • Do you have a higher absenteeism rate than your competitors?
  • Do these absences last longer?
  • How many of these absences are for psychological reasons?

To accurately compare the performance of your programs, you must clearly define your reference market. When setting objectives, you should be realistic and establish clear improvement targets.

Figure out how much flexibility you need for meeting your objectives

To adequately measure the performance of your health and disability program, you need to set a target. Using the innovative approach developed by Normandin Beaudry’s experts, you’ll be able to adapt the target to your business reality.

Compare your results with a reference market that represents your industry to figure out the actual performance of your health initiatives. Let our consultants help you take the first steps toward establishing a clearer picture of your performance.


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