Investment policy review

Your investment policy must account for risk

Are the returns on your portfolio or pension fund meeting your expectations? Are you well compensated for the risks you’re taking? Drawing up an investment policy is the first step of the investment process. Periodically reviewing this policy is essential.

In addition to ensuring compliance with the applicable legislation and regulations, an investment policy allows you to define your return objectives based on your organization’s constraints and risk tolerance.

Optimize your investment policy for better returns

Increase your returns with made-to-measure solutions in analyzing your investment policy:

  • Evaluations using our risk assessment chart
  • Exploring new asset classes
    • Asset modelling that reflects your needs: pension plan (LDI*) or funding objectives (FDI**)
  • Optimizing your investment structure (master trusts and investment platforms)
  • Verifying compliance with applicable legislation and regulations
  • Integrating Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI)

*liability-driven investment
**funding-driven investment


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