Pension administration tools and software

Efficient administration systems for your pension plan

Like many organizations, you may be facing numerous challenges for managing your pension plan:

  • You have more than one pension plan and would like to centralize access
  • You produce various retirement income projections
  • You must organize your pension committee meetings

Sound familiar? The good news is that there is a simple way to quickly access your plan’s information and produce your own reports.

admin: the administration system you've been missing!

Give yourself the gift of admin, an easy-to-use, paperless tool that’s compatible with most IT systems, including tablets.

admin consists of three portals, each designed for different users:

  • Pension committee members
  • Administrators
  • Participants

You can work effectively and independently in just a few clicks.

  • Access the information you need
  • Simulate retirement income projections
  • Prepare for your next pension committee meeting

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