Group benefits cost control

Effectively managing group benefits costs

When faced with a significant annual increase of group benefits costs, it is essential to act and identify solutions that can help manage this major expense in the future.

There are three key players in managing the costs of a plan:

  • Managers: they must know their plan inside out and listen to the needs of employees in order to meet them.
  • Plan members: they must understand that their prescription drug use and claim history has a direct impact on premiums.

The third:

  • Our group benefits experts.

Manage risk with proper planning

We offer risk management and cost control solutions that work, adapted to your organization’s needs. We can help you:

  • Project costs
  • Make financial arrangements with reduced volatility
  • Manage prescription drugs, disability and other benefit-related expenses
  • Negotiate with the insurer
  • Manage risks outside of Canada (expatriates, business trips, etc.)
  • Raise employee awareness

Don’t let the your plan costs dictate the rules—regain control!


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