Accounting-based valuation of a plan for financial statements

Accounting valuation for your financial statements: A full picture

Entrust actuaries to carry out an accounting valuation of your employee future benefits, whether it’s for:

  • Group benefits coverage at retirement
  • Sick leave banks
  • Maintaining insurance coverage during absences
  • Self-insured short-term disability coverage
  • And many more!

Auditors have specific requirements depending on different accounting standards for ensuring the compliance of results. Consult our experts, as they have extensive knowledge in this matter.

Prepare your financial statements with our experts

There are at least three good reasons to trust us with your accounting-based actuarial valuations

  • Guaranteed compliance with Canadian, American and international standards
  • Peace of mind knowing that our sound advice is backed by our constant monitoring of changes to accounting standards
  • Doing business with best-in-class experts, who have developed and dispensed training on employee future benefits accounting, offered by the Quebec CPA Order

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