Talent management

The journey of a skillful employeeMC

Our talent management model was developed around  The journey of a skillful employeeTM concept. Starting with the job architecture, which outlines the various career paths within the organization, our approach first describes the behavioural competencies required to hold a position, which facilitates staffing and performance management. We thus offer a structured framework for career and succession planning.

Competency framework designed to foster professional development

Normandin Beaudry’s competency framework was designed to foster professional development with the employee at the centre of their inspiring journey.

The skillful employee :

  • knows their strengths
  • works well with others
  • has a clear direction
  • delivers results

The framework consists of 32 competencies and adheres to the criteria of a successful organization.

We offer our clients the benefit of our extensive expertise, the excellence of our advice and the right tools to attract talent. This ensures that employees are happy in their jobs and shine in their positions.


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