Pension plan benefits

Defined benefit pension plans

Administering pension plans is becoming more complex every day!

Ensuring sound management of your administrative burden, as well as the costs and risks incurred by your plan is essential for:

  • Administration that complies with applicable laws
  • Strict data management
  • Event calculations and other required processes, produced according to established timelines

Your organization shouldn’t have to take on these responsibilities alone.

Our experts can help

We offer tailor-made solutions to give you peace of mind:

  • Data updates
  • Production of annual statements and pension benefits calculations
  • Pension indexation
  • Determination of pension adjustments
  • Preparation of your annual information return
  • Management of transfer agreements and past service buy-back
  • Audits and process optimization
  • Presentations to employees

Our in-depth knowledge of the regulations that apply to the administration of your pension plan means we are always there for you.


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