Employee engagement survey

Measure employee engagement to boost performance

Our remun database shows that approximately 60% of organizations now measure the engagement or mobilization of their employees.

Doing so is quite simple. Use survey data to get a clear picture of your employee experience’s key components and highlight your employer brand.

Get in touch with our experts. Easy to use and flexible, our tools provide invaluable insight!

A personalized and flexible employee engagement survey

A simple questionnaire tailored to the vocabulary used in your organization allows us to establish a relevant engagement index that’s representative of employee engagement and to set priority actions. It also takes into account issues related to business operations and only takes 10 minutes for your employees to fill out.

Need a complete analysis every other year? Looking to carry out short pulse surveys in the meantime to measure the specific results of a project or the progress of a team for which you have concerns? Our approach has just one objective: to provide you with timely, relevant data and indicators.


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