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Normandin Beaudry

Engagement survey and management quality index

Are your employees no longer motivated by money?

Supporting evidence:

  • Organizations with a high engagement score have 147% higher1 earnings per share 
  • Compensation attracts candidates but does not generate employee performance234
  • 60% of employees who do not feel appreciated at work are proactively searching for a new job5 

And you, do you know what really motivates your managers and employees?
We can help you find out.
Here is an overview of our surveying approach

Normandin Beaudry's proposed approach combines an analysis and action plan

  • measure engagement and management quality
  • enhance the employee experience
  • increase performance
  • promote your employer brand

Fast and flexible
Questionnaire adapted to your reality - Takes only 15 minutes to complete

Accurate and revealing
Targets important points to identify areas for action

Focused on management and performance
Guides the impact of managers, through Normandin Beaudry's unique management quality index and overall performance index

For more information contact:

Marie Anik Aussant, MBA
Partner, Communication and organizational development
514 285-1122, extension 267