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Normandin Beaudry

Health | Wellness and work attendance optimization


  • Organizational practices diagnosis to foster the physical and psychological health of employees
  • Health and wellness program design (addressing physical and psychological health): action plan, branding, vendor selection
  • Operational support: implementation, manager training, vendor alignment, HR mentoring

Disability management

  • Disability management processes review and implementation (internal and external resources)
  • Tool design for managers, employees and HR representatives
  • Service provider performance monitoring: audits, follow-up calls, service level agreements 

Measurement and assessment

  • Customed scorecard design to identify health issues: consolidated, consequential, predictive and prospective
  • Program performance review and data mining
  • Scorecard data update and assessment of impacts
  • Absence and disability program statistical benchmarking


Person in charge of Health:

Julie Cousineau, FSA, FICA, CRHA
514 285-1122 #228