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Normandin Beaudry

Actuarial consulting – defined benefit plans

Pension plan funding

  • Funding and maturity management strategies
    • Analysis of strategies related to the investment policy 
    • Development of funding policies
    • Development of annuity purchase policies 
  • Funding actuarial valuations
    • On a going concern or solvency basis
  • Analysis of provisions on surplus, minimum contributions and separate accounting

Pension plan accounting

  • Actuarial valuations and projections for accounting purposes
  • Actuarial report for financial statement preparation
    • Actuarial certification according to different standards applicable in Canada, United States (FAS) and internationally (IFRS)
  • Leading edge expertise in integrating accounting aspects into financial projections
  • Support for accounting standards transitions

Pension plan design and analysis

  • New plan design and implementation
  • Analysis of potential plan changes
  • Analysis of strategies related to investment and funding policies
  • Analysis of strategic issues related to splits, mergers and acquisitions
  • Design and implementation of communication strategies aimed at promoting the understanding and appreciation of the plan
    • Opinion surveys and employee consultation
    • Web tools, simulators, animated educational videos, webcasts, webinars
    • Presentations to employees
  • Multi-employer plans

Support for pension committees

  • Analysis, simplification and quick information concerning any new legislative changes
  • Participation in pension committee meetings and annual meetings
  • Plan amendments and registration with government authorities
  • Risk management and monitoring support

Structured and specialized training on administrative and financial management of plans

  • General or specialized training modules for pension committee members
  • Training for new committee members
  • Training tailored to human and financial resource needs