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Normandin Beaudry

Pay Equity Consulting

Download our free pay equity audit planning tool

Normandin Beaudry believes that the audit exercise is one of good governance and can be completed with ease and have a positive impact on your organization's employee experience.

Our beliefs regarding pay equity can be summarized in three points:

 (1)Évolution du taux de salaire horaire moyen au Québec, 2003-2012, Travail Québec, March 2013.

If you choose to partner with a Normandin Beaudry consultant to complete your pay equity audit, you will benefit from an experienced CHRP who is supported by a team of compensation, benefits and labour law experts, and motivated by our beliefs regarding pay equity.

Our pay equity experts can assist you throughout the process and ensure your compliance with the requirements of the Act by:

  • Determining your pay equity obligations,
  • Developing a personalized work plan, and
  • Training your work team or pay equity committee.

For more information on your pay equity obligations, contact:

Audrey Campbell, CHRP
Consultant, Compensation and Performance
514 285-1122, extension 255