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Normandin Beaudry


Communication strategy design and change management

  • Situational diagnosis
    • Workshops, focus groups, interviews, etc.
  • Development of communication plans and strategies
  • Development of communication tools
    • Written: memos, brochures, articles, letters, pamphlets, statements, etc.
    • Electronic: ecards, webinars, webcasts, Flash videos, etc.
    • Oral: presentations, conferences, etc.
  • Development of custom training sessions
  • Branding

Steps for engaging employees and enhancing the employee experience

  • Surveys, focus groups, interviews, theme workshops
  • Quantitative and qualitative data analyses
  • Guideline development
  • Action plan development 

Measurement and tracking tool development

  • Identification of performance indicators used in assessing the impact of actions
  • Design of scorecards and tools for tracking the implementation of practices