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Normandin Beaudry

Rates for Health Care Professionals in 2010


There, in black and white

NB Bulletin Vol 13, N. 10, August 2010

The average fees per visit could be useful in establishing the maximum amounts payable under your group insurance plans. Moreover, the average fee per visit increase compared to that of 2009 allows you to validate the inflation assumption used by your insurer in renewing your health premium rates.


We surveyed a sample of private clinics in the Montreal, Quebec City and Outaouais areas. Our results are presented on an average fee per visit basis rather than an hourly rate basis since group insurance plans usually establish their maximum reimbursements on a per visit basis. Also, note that a number of specialists charge additional fees for the initial assessment. These additional fees are not included in our survey results.

We also consulted professional associations for each specialty. These associations recommend price levels but do not set mandatory fee schedules. Some of them compile data using their members' fee schedules. Professional associations' recommendations and private clinics statistics are presented in the table below.


  • Overall, since the summer of 2009, we observed an average fee increase of approximately 2.0% in the Montreal area, 3.2% in the Quebec City area and 2.0% in the Outaouais area, which represent a $1 to $2 increase per visit.
  • Over the last 10 years, we observed an average fee increase of 28% for all specialists, which reflects a yearly trend rate of 2.8%.
  • The results show that average fees for acupuncturists are higher in the Montreal area. We observed an increase from $55 to $65 with regards of the fees per visit charged by surveyed specialists in this area in 2010.
  • The average fees per visit charged by homeopaths in the Quebec City area are $15 to $25 lower than the fees charged in the Montreal and Outaouais areas.
  • Again this year, with regards to psychologists, we observed a significant fee per visit difference between the Outaouais area and other areas. On average, the fee per visit charged by psychologists in the Outaouais area is $15 to $20 higher than in the other areas.

Comparative Table of Average Fees per Visit (Summer 2010)

   Private Clinics
MontrealQuebec CityOutaouais
Acupuncturist $60 to $80 $65 $50 $50
Audiologist and Speech Therapist $100 to $300 $90 $80 n/a(4)
Chiropractor $60 $45 $40 $40
Dietitian $70 $35(2) $70(3) $65
Occupational Therapist n/a(1) $60 $60 $65
Homeopath $60 à $100 $70 $55 $80
Masseur and Massage Therapist $80 to $90 $55 $65 $70
Naturopath $60 to $80 $75 n/a(4) n/a(4)
Osteopath $80 to $100 $75 $75 $75
Physiotherapist $60 to $70 $60 $50 $55
Podiatrist $60 to $80 $45 $50 n/a(4)
Psychologist $80 to $125 $95 $90 $110
(1)The results are not presented because the data is not available.
(2)Half-hour visit rate
(3)Last year, a half-hour visit rate was presented in the table. This year, an hourly visit rate is presented.
(4)The results are not presented because the number of specialists working in private clinics is too limited.

For your information, the schedules of reasonable and customary fees used by insurers for claims adjudication in Quebec are generally slightly higher than the average fees per visit observed for most of surveyed specialists.



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