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Normandin Beaudry

Developments Relating to the "Healthy Enterprise" Standard


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Bulletin NB Vol 11 N. 12, October 2008

Employee health and wellness is a key concern for many organizations. If you have already taken or would like to take steps to promote and encourage health, you will soon be able to be recognized as a "Healthy Enterprise".

Last month, the Group for Prevention and Promotion Strategies (GP2S) and the Bureau de normalisation du Québec (BNQ) outlined the process that companies must successfully complete to become certified under the new "Healthy Enterprise" standard. This bulletin summarizes the main features of the standard and presents new developments concerning the certification process.

The "Healthy Enterprise" Standard

On February 25, 2008, the BNQ launched the first version of the "Healthy Enterprise" standard created by GP2S. This standard is intended for any organization that would like to introduce initiatives promoting the health of its employees and to be recognized for these efforts.

To be certified as a "Healthy Enterprise", an organization must satisfy 40 specific requirements. By satisfying 63 requirements, organizations could also be certified "Healthy Enterprise - Elite". These requirements are primarily associated with four different areas of activity:

  • Lifestyle habits;
  • Work-personal life balance;
  • Working environment; and
  • Management practices.

You can purchase a copy of the standard for $53 from the BNQ's website at

Certification Process

The BNQ plans to issue a certification protocol in November 2008, which means that companies will be able to begin the "Healthy Enterprise" certification process. The certification protocol will clarify the responsibilities of the parties involved, the certification requirements (e.g.: proof required to demonstrate the company's compliance) and the administrative requirements (e.g.: frequency of monitoring visits).

Once this protocol is in effect, companies wishing to be certified will need to contact the BNQ. A BNQ auditor will conduct a monitoring visit to certify the company and issue the certificate of compliance. Following certification, an annual visit will be conducted to verify whether or not the company continues to meet the specified requirements.

Please note that the "Healthy Enterprise" certification does not involve measuring the results of the initiatives introduced. The BNQ auditors will ensure that all standards-related requirements are satisfied and that the process has been properly followed within the organization (e.g.: creation of a Health and Wellness committee that meets periodically), but will not assess the impacts of these initiatives on the health of the organization's employees.

Normandin Beaudry is closely following the developments concerning the "Healthy Enterprise" standard. In the coming months, in addition to the certification protocol, the GP2S will be issuing an interpretation bulletin and an implementation guide for the standard. We will keep you informed.


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