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Normandin Beaudry

Adoption of changes: Quebec Prescription Drug Insurance Act


There, in black and white

NB Bulletin Vol. 5 N. 5, July 2002

Bill 98¸ which was tabled on May 8¸ 2002 by the Minister of Health and Social Services¸ Mr. François Legault¸ was passed on June 12 as proposed and the Act amending the Quebec Act respecting Prescription Drug Insurance has taken effect July 1¸ 2002.

Please take note of the main impacts this Bill has for individuals insured by the public plan through the Régie de l´assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ). These changes were described in detail in our Bulletin No. 4 in May 2002¸ namely:

  • Maximum annual premium increased from $385 to $422 per adult.
  • Maximum monthly deductible increased from $8.33 to $9.13 ($100 to $109.60 per year) per adult.
  • Maximum coinsurance (portion of the costs paid by the insured) increased from 25% to 27.4% (children insured by the RAMQ are exempt from coinsurance).
  • Maximum annual contribution increased from $750 to $822. The maximum contribution is the maximum amount payable by an adult¸ including the deductible and coinsurance¸ for him or herself and any dependent child.

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