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Normandin Beaudry

Health care Professionals' rate


There, in black and white

NB Bulletin Vol. 5 N. 11, August 2001

Health care Professionals: rates effective in July 2001

It is our pleasure to present the results of our annual survey on current rates for consultations or treatments offered by the majority of "Health care Professionals". This inquiry was conducted in July 2001.

Firstly¸ professional associations for each specialty were consulted. Please note that these associations do not set mandatory price brackets¸ they only suggest prices to their members. However¸ some associations compile statistics on the basis of their members´ price schedules. These statistics¸ or suggested prices¸ are only valid for the province of Quebec.

We then continued our survey among private clinics from the Montreal and Quebec regions. For the Montreal region¸ three clinics per specialty were consulted for three specific geographical areas¸ namely¸ the South Shore¸ downtown and remainder of the Island of Montreal. An average hourly rate was calculated based on this sample¸ which corresponds mostly to the average rate per visit charged by the specialists.

For the Quebec region¸ a sample of two clinics per specialty was utilized. The results obtained reveal hourly rates per specialty that are approximately $5 to $10 lower than those obtained for the Montreal region.

Overall¸ an average increase in the hourly rates of approximately $5 per specialty is observed compared to the rates effective in June 2000.

Since the care provided by these specialists¸ in most part¸ is covered by group insurance plans¸ we believe that the results of our survey will be of great interest to you. With this you will be able to compare the results to the maximum amounts eligible for reimbursement under your own plans and make adjustments¸ if you feel they are necessary.

Comparative table of Health care professionals´ rates
Survey conducted in July 2001

           Annees de service
     Moins d'une anneeDe 1 a 4 anneesDe 5 a 9 annees10 annees et plus
    Alberta s. o. 2 3 3
    Colombie-Britannique $90 $75 $90 $80
    Chiropractor $35 $35 $45 $40
    - X-rays $20 to $40 n/a $40 n/a
    Dietician $70 $70 $60 $60
    Occupational Therapist $50 $50 $50 $40
    Homeopath $60 $60 $65 $55
    Masseur and Massage Therapist $40 to $60 $40 to $60 $55 $50
    Naturopath $50 to $60 $50 to $60 $50 $50
    Osteopath $70 $70 $75 $70
    Physiotherapist $35 to $70 $35 to $70 $55 $50
    Podiatrist $40 to $80 $40 to $80 $60 $60
    Psychologist $65$ to $100 $65$ to $100 $80 $80

(1) Suggested rates or statistics.

(2)Average rates are based on a sample of 3 clinics consulted in the Montreal region¸ which were¸ whenever possible¸ the same ones used for the June 2000 survey.  


Please feel free to contact us for additional information.

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