About us

Normandin Beaudry:

expert advice from actuarial and total compensation professionals,
backed by relevant communication strategies. 

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Normandin Beaudry

Welcome to the virtual reality of true expertise

Our signature, there in black and white, comes through in our clear recommendations, and the competence of all of our consultants and professionals:

  • group benefits and pension plan actuaries
  • asset management consultants
  • total compensation specialists
  • communication strategists
  • organizational development experts

Who you are

  • a member of a pension or multi-plan committee
  • a business manager
  • a finance, human resources, organizational development or communication professional
  • a stakeholder from the private, public, municipal or academic sector
  • the manager of a religious community, non-profit organization or foundation


Hitting just the right note. Valuing creative ideas. Mastering the rules of the game.

These are more than just words; they’re a commitment that’s there in black and white.

This image is the reflection of our ongoing progress in six well-integrated areas of consulting services: