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Normandin Beaudry

Ethics and quality assurance

Ethics are a central component of the “Normandin Beaudry attitude.”
We believe it is fundamental that we remain impartial, and avoid all conflicts of interest or appearances of impropriety.

We have a strict and clear policy on what lines must not be crossed when it comes to services provided to life insurance companies, securities custodians and pension fund managers. We could be asked to make a recommendation as part of a screening process or to assess their performance.

We maintain business relationships with the major insurers while remaining independent. And we do not accept any bonuses or overriding commissions from insurers.

When we agree on commission-based compensation with clients, all commissions received from insurers are attributed directly and in full to the clients who generated them.

We fully abide by the rules and standards prescribed by the professional orders, institutes and other organizations governing the work of our consultants.

We have also developed a formal peer review process, a protective measure that helps us ensure quality control and that benefits our clients first.

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