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Major reshuffling of the GICS sectors

In this era of evolution and revolution of communication methods, technologies and access to information, organizations have no choice but to adapt. A growing number of companies are moving in that direction by modifying their business model to become fully integrated and provide their clients with comprehensive solutions.

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Normandin Beaudry’s Salary Increase Survey 2018-2019

The eighth edition of our Salary Increase Survey was conducted during the summer of 2018. Some 233 organizations, representing more than 640,000 employees took part in the survey, allowing us to build a reliable, information-rich database.

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Hausse du salaire minimum : Recréer l’équilibre

This publication is available in French only.

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Attracting talent and driving performance: Fuelling our passion for 25 years

Compensating your sales force: When paying pays off

Total rewards: Working together to innovate

We create human capital and financial performance with our clients through the excellence of our experts ignited by a total rewards mindset.