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Normandin Beaudry

Student or recent graduate

The harmony that exists among all Normandin Beaudry employees sets us apart from other employers in the actuarial consulting field. There are no silos here, which is one of the reasons why so many consultants want to join our team.

Our corporate values are well-defined, embraced and shared throughout Normandin Beaudry. We have clear opinions on how to deliver our consulting services. Our values are the cornerstone of our culture and work environment—they provide shareholders and employees alike with guidance and direction on what is important.

  • Excellence: Normandin Beaudry aims to excel. Rigour, objectivity, quality and reliability combine to produce excellence—our distinguishing characteristic.
  • Collegiality: Normandin Beaudry welcomes constructive criticism and values the cooperation generated by the sharing of knowledge and opinions. We appreciate the existence of many diverse styles and the results produced when these styles are combined.
  • Initiative: Normandin Beaudry boldly manages risk. We believe that the greatest achievements are the result of a myriad of different ideas considered, discussed and selected.
  • Respect for individuals: At Normandin Beaudry, respect is a two-way street. We believe in individual and collective choices, and it is these choices that form the basis of a solid team.

As consultants and contributors, we adopt the “Normandin Beaudry attitude,” which can be summarized in the six words that comprise our credo and that guide us:

Transparency, ethics and objectivity: a question of being

Rigour, innovation and expertise: a question of doing