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Normandin Beaudry

May 27, 2014 - The D'Amours Report and its Intriguing Longevity Pension

On May 27, as part Forum 2014, the 45th Annual National Conference of the Canadian Pension and Benefits Institute (CPBI), René Beaudry, Partner, Pension and Savings at Normandin Beaudry and member of the D’Amours Committee, will be giving a presentation entitled “The D’Amours Report and its Intriguing Longevity Pension.”

This seminar will allow participants to:

  • Explore an innovative approach to combining optional DC plans with a new multi-employer DB plan;
  • Better understand flexibility inherent in the C/QPP and OAS under their current designs;
  • Forge an opinion on one of the options currently under examination for an improved overall pension program in Canada;
  • Appreciate how evolving demographics are changing the grounds on which pension programs are built.

On this day, René Beaudry will also take part in a panel discussion entitled “Is There a Looming Pension Crisis in Canada?”. He will debate the severity of the problem and the reforms that should be implemented to strengthen the current pension system alongside three other experts: Jim Leech, President and CEO, Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan; Malcolm Hamilton, Senior Fellow, C.D. Howe Institute; Hon. Wes Sheridan, PEI Provincial Treasurer, Minister of Finance, Energy and Municipal Affairs.

For complete details and to register, visit the CPBI website by clicking here.